Salesforce Cybersecurity & Virus-Scanning MythBuster Fact Sheet

Think your data is secure? You might be wrong.

It’s time to get the facts. Your company can’t afford to lose the trust of its customers. You need to ensure you’re doing everything possible to protect their sensitive data.
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Let us give you the facts on Salesforce cybersecurity.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Salesforce’s security features. Unfortunately, misunderstanding these features can leave significant gaps in your company’s data security. Attackers can - and will - exploit these gaps to access and exploit your data. Data breaches can cost companies both the trust of their customers and millions of dollars in revenue. Can your organization afford to take the risk?

Protect your company and user data with our free, downloadable guide. Learn valuable lessons such as:

  1. Preventing high-risk files from being uploaded or downloaded
  2. Scanning documents for viruses
  3. Protecting your Salesforce users from high-risk emails
  4. Why your VPN isn’t may not be protecting your users from threats in Salesforce
It’s time to stop wondering whether your data is safe and start ensuring that it is.

Download our Salesforce Cybersecurity & Virus-Scanning MythBuster Fact Sheet to get started.

Protecting your Salesforce data from attacks has never been more important. Are you doing everything you should to keep it safe?
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